RGB Hanging LED Window Display

Light Panel: Better Acrylic Panel
LED Lights: 2835 led lights
Input Power: 110-240V AC
Output Power: 12V DC
Certificates: CE, RoHS,
Item Thickness: 11mm
Available Size: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4
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Item Description
Code CI-CLB-RGB(LED Crystal Light Box)
Sided Single sided/Double sided (can be customized)
Thickness 8mm/0.32 inch (different type the thickness is different)
Clear Frame Width 20mm/0.79 inch (can be customized)
Available size A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 (can be customized)
Max size 1220x2440mm/48x96 inch
Standoffs 4pcs stainless standoffs
Silkscreen Silver, Black
Fixture Connections Integral male/female connectors, 3 feet/91cm from the light box to the transformer, 4.9 feet/150cm from the adapter to plug
Operating Temperature -4°F~122°F(-20°C~50°C) 
Humidity 0-95%, non-condensing
Environment Dry Location, IP20
LED SMD LED 2835, 3014, 5050
Transformer DC-12V, with CE, RoHS, UL certificates
Lumens+ 246(6000K), 222(7200K)
Color Temperature 6000K(+375/-300) to 7200K(+400/-500), can be customized
Brightness 2000-3000 lux, can be customized
Lumen Maintenance 27,000 hours L70≥25°C,40,000 hours L90≥25°C
Power Consumption 12W maximum at full output, steady state
Voltage Output Voltage: 12V DC; Input Voltage: 110/120/230/240V AC
Certificates CE, RoHS, UL
Spec Details of CI LED Crystal Light Box/Pockets Single Sided
Model Poster Size Visual Size Frame Size Thickness Light Source Watts Power Supply
CI-CLBA4-S 297x210mm 287x200mm 341x254mm 8mm SMD2835 5W AC100-240V
CI-CLBA3-S 420x297mm 410x287mm 464x341mm 8mm SMD2835 7W AC100-240V
CI-CLBA2-S 594x420mm 584x410mm 638x464mm 9mm SMD2835 14W AC100-240V
CI-CLBA1-S 841x594mm 825x576mm 887x638mm 9mm SMD2835 19W AC100-240V
Spec Details of CI Crystal Light Box/Pockets Double Sided
Model Poster Size Visual Size Frame Size Thickness Light Source Watts Power Supply
CI-CLBA4-D 297x210mm 287x200mm 341x254mm 11mm SMD2835 5W AC100-240V
CI-CLBA3-D 420x297mm 410x287mm 464x341mm 11mm SMD2835 7W AC100-240V
CI-CLBA2-D 594x420mm 584x410mm 638x464mm 11mm SMD2835 14W AC100-240V
CI-CLBA1-D 841x594mm 825x576mm 887x638mm 11mm SMD2835 19W AC100-240V

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